Sugar is a great ingredient for a scrub against cellulite - Joey Atlas  

Apply on the affected area with a gentle massage.


Sugar is a great ingredient for a scrub against cellulite.
Granular crystals are wonderful to remove dead cells and smooth the skin tone.

For best results, use brown sugar because it blends easily with other substances: Add a cup of brown sugar, mashed avocado, a bit of olive oil and a tablespoon of honey. Mix in a blender until it is a uniform consistency.

Apply this combination four times per week.

Likewise, you can take advantage of the properties and benefits of natural exfoliation, and follow good nutrition, hygiene and physical activity.

Results into Cellulite

After 3 months of treatment demonstrated a decrease in the appearance of orange peel skin and that skin was firmer.

My opinion

Although more and more studies confirm that there is no treatment that eliminates cellulite, the truth is that we women, we will not lower arms nor do we overcome this struggle for what is becoming a struggle for all of us.

The other day an episode of Oprah, I saw the famous Dr. Oz to speak to the hearts of all women by telling them that unfortunately has no cure cellulite treatments and that only in disguise, and was once the faces of disappointment and frustration the public.


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