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1 - What causes the appearance of cellulite? Hereditary factors interfere?
Cellulite is caused by several concomitant factors.

The hereditary predisposition is also relevant when there are families and mothers, the family has a lot of cellulite women, and the daughters will logically trend in May.

Genetic or hereditary issue is also related to body type, the “more rounded, more, more feminine” bodies are those that have more chance of having cellulite.

While those more straight with a little more masculine characteristics are those that are less likely to have cellulite.

Apart from hereditary factors exist and trend related to female hormone that predisposes retention of fluid exchanges tissue gradually get worse,

There will a poor irrigation and a change of the vessels on the tissue and there is also a related question to that is a fat cell hypertrophied and greater difficulty in metabolizing fat cell.

All this combined makes cellulite can appear.

2 - What can be done to avoid the appearance of cellulite? From what age should we care about prevention?

Should we be concerned with the prevention from puberty mainly because by this stage are few incentives that will promote cellulite. For More health Related Articles Visit Here Hemorrhoid Cure (http://www.healthauthoreviews.com/h-hemorrhoid-miracle-review/)

Logically those with greater familial tendency should be primarily related to maintaining weight, have a balanced diet, drinking plenty of fluids with this there is no retention, greater care salt intake should not just be small to hold even greater amount liquid should be adjusted and evaluated hormonal factors


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