Cellulite Reducing Factors - Joey Atlas Cellulite Control Program  

Reducing salt

Replace it in your salads spices and herbs. Excess sodium causes kidney problems and circulatory problems.
Coffee and tobacco can also influence our movement. So now you have one more reason to leave.

Reminder healthy eating

2 plates of vegetables per day, three servings of fruit, 2-3 servings of protein (more vegetable than animal), whole grains at every meal, 2 liters of water and eat quietly.

Tips to Remove Cellulite with Natural Remedies

Specific advice to clear toxins

When we seek to eliminate cellulite will help us when we resolve to make a clearance 5th 10 days to clear drugs, hormones, fats and toxins. Avoid these days any animal protein, fats, alcohol, coffee, tea, tobacco and sugar.

What else can you do?

Supplementation based on plant extracts that help improve circulation:
Ginkgo balboa, chestnut, red vine, butcher’s broom, bio flavor nodes
Take everyday horsetail tea, green tea and artichoke (fluid helps drain the kidneys). For More Read This Article On Vision Without Glasses (http://www.healthauthoreviews.com/vision-without-glasses-review/)

To help cleanse the liver: milk thistle and bilberry.

To be more firm and elastic skin: Supplementation of silicon (also suitable for stretch marks).

Enter fennel for cooking and use as an infusion, etc.. It is one of the best plants for cellulite.


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